Jan 12, 2009


jenn and i texted throughout the golden globes tonight. here's what we had to say:

me: you watching the GGs? drew barrymore, wtf?? oh and rene zel! omg terrible
jenn: haha OMG. 1) i just said to dust "omigod renee zelwegger is gonna get destroyed tomorrow in the worst dressed lists". 2) drew barrymore looks & is acting like an old drunk cougar. God i love you.
me: debra messing, 'mess'y makeup
jenn:it's like you're a mind reader, i was just thinking the same thing. she just looks overdone in every way. you know who looks stunning (they hardly showed her but her dress is amazing) is mary louise parker. anne hathaway, kinda boring, i expected better
me:kate winslet is good, natch
jenn:sigourney looks like a hot milf
me: oh, my girl beyonce looks pretty good, eva mendes, good necklace etc.
jenn: yeah, B looks hot. demi moore worked it out pretty good too. cameron diaz, thumbs down
me: it's not even her dress, it's her coocoo clown face. Leo is looking gooood, i heart him forever
jenn: i'm not gonna lie, i like rumer willis' dress- her awful red hair is brutal but the gown is gorgeous
me: look at those golden globes!!
jenn:hahaha damn they're juicey
jenn:are you dying??how cut was leo just there? he was crying!! oh god i died
me: i will love him always
me: that trip killed me! pour mickey. marissa tomei in her stupid pirate sleeves, ugh

i made a circle scarf tonight:

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Anonymous said...

I actually thought ru willis looked ok last night.

drew looked like shes grown up snorting coke or something.