Sep 26, 2008


We're having a huge party tonight in our landlady's honor. We didn't invite her.

Here is how I think it will turn out:

P.S. this video made me totally understand my sister better, her and her entire generation. It also made me wanna be 17 again. and yes, that is the kid from About a Boy...all grown up and looking pretty babelicious. creepy.

Sep 23, 2008

cute overload

terrible and terrible 2, they were the first to go...

salut hi

salut bye

happy birthday bruce

Sep 20, 2008

these book will change your life (or ruin it, says ashlinn)

i'll be in line for the movie, opening november 21st with the entire tween population of toronto


these are the websites/blogs i check daily:
(go mamacita)
(pretty much just to make sure there are no incriminating pictures of me...there usually are)