Nov 29, 2008

part of their world

splash was on last night and i've been thinking about it, i'd like to be a mermaid. that would be really cool.

swimming with belugas would be really fun

Nov 28, 2008


the ROM is super fun and makes me feel like a kid again, but then again, i kinda hated museums when i was a kid so...let's just say it reminds me that learning is FUN and seeing dinosaurs and huge diamonds and mummies is super neat.

some good (fashion) news

looks like matthew williamson will be doing a spring line for h+m! the collection will be out in selected stores april 23rd, with a second, larger delivery out by mid-may.

sienna and i have been fans for a while now. his mix of summer, beach, city-casual is my ideal.

i hope this h+m collaboration won't be another disappointment. the only designer line h+m has done right was karl lagerfeld like 5 years ago...heres hoping.

Nov 27, 2008

balls deep

i want it to be an urban outfitters christmas

just a few of the really, really cute house things on the UO website. aaah, that owl umbrella holder? i confess that i've always felt that urban was for lazy shoppers, most stuff you could find in vintage shops or online if you really hunted. its like one stop shopping! this stuff is too cute to resist though

Nov 25, 2008

wish list

i would never leave the house if i had this

how cute!


a home for all my years of accessory collecting

herve legere dress

topshop shoes

Nov 23, 2008

really, enough already

as i am still (STILL) sick, i've been parked on the couch for the past 5 days, b-o-r-e-d. daytime tv is killing me, especially sunday daytime tv. luckily the original thomas crown affair starring faye dunaway and steve mcqueen was just on.

talk about hot stuff! she's a babe, he's a babe, they were babes together, dressed super amazing too. my personal faye dunaway fave is the rules of attraction, obviously. but i'm biased 'cause it was one of jay's first big roles.

so as i'm googling faye dunaway photos i come across this picture of warren beatty, uuuummmm

hey dad

weird, huh? he can also kinda look like this

when he's on a deadline.

circa 2003

that's all

one great city

last winter a guy i didn't really know asked me to go see weakerthans with him, too bad i kinda ditched him, 'cause i love this song

Nov 21, 2008

dear jenn,

please don't be mad at me for putting up these pictures but at least admit that they are funny. i love you, sorry i took your picture all the time, i guess it is your fault seeing as you got me the camera,

love always and truly,

zoe xoxo

the boy likes to eat!

Nov 20, 2008

someone told me

i listened to this album for a year straight. reminds me of working alone in the morning at boutique ima. folding. sizing, daydreaming about being anywhere but there. it wasn't so bad, i guess.

reminds me of home.

everyone has seen this (25 million views on youtube!!!) but it is just so, so cute and funny and heart warming.

okay, time to watch knocked up for the 50th time and pass out due the gravol, tylenols and night time cough medicine.


enough already


sore throat


Nov 19, 2008

today, part 2

the day started off well enough; morning (1pm) run then a cappuccino. i look the part because, as embarrassing as this is to admit, i used to work at lululemon. i can run for about 15 minutes before i feel like i may die. when people see me panting and walking super slowly they must think i've just run for 10k and now i'm taking a little break.

i then put laundry away, watched oprah, and made a super cool necklace. but lungs feel like they're full of garbage and i have a headache and sore throat and feel super hot/dizzy. cody got me one of these delish melon flavoured asian popsicles though

which has helped. at least i'm sick now and not friday...

i could not be more excited. i'm keeping book 4, breaking dawn for later. i needed a bit of a break from the whole teenage passion love story vampire thing. shit started getting weird.


my computer is finally working which means loads more pics