Oct 31, 2008

happy halloween

i got 3 cavities at the dentist that year.

Oct 29, 2008

transitional dressing

yesterday i was told that i "didn't wear pants all summer" and now "all i wear is leggings". true, i guess. but how could i resist? sasha got me the most subtle of the shiny latex-y leggings from AA but now...i wish they were shinier!!


brudjer kinda stemmed from me calling angus my brother, then when i'd try and get him excited i'd squeal it and be all "bruuuuuuther" then it took on a new form and became "bruuuuudjer!!!"

i don't know, for those who have had the pleasure of meeting angus and seeing him (and me with him) in action they just sorta get it.

Oct 28, 2008


this is when i fell off tyler's back after a really long night of drinking. i landed on my face. like really. luckily i only broke a bit of my tooth. i had a huge upper lip and scabbed cheek and we were driving to nyc the next day. people stared at me with pity thinking i was the victim of spousal abuse, and he pretty much got his ass kicked by everyone, eveywhere we went. the mcdonalds girls even threatened him when i asked them for ice.

i want. no wait, i need!

so super cute. aristocats was the first movie i saw in the theatre. i also used to make my parents do the spaghetti-kiss thing from lady and the tramp when i was little.


some nice fall, casual-ish outfits. hey diane kruger, way to go with the pattern mixing (even though you're wearing tommy hilfiger...). i like how gwyneth dresses up the plain grey shirt, probably my fave color for clothes...is that super boring? and i like how the 2 others mix up the casual looks by staying away from jeans or leggings, show them legs! but please wear tights when it gets cold...(zy, i'm talking to you)

i miss "us"

Oct 27, 2008


...is this?

"The actress wore a self-designed dress that she collaborated on with her stylist Jeanne Yang." says instyle.com. that hair, that thing (dress? jumper?) not good, really not good.

on another celebrity note, i'm really sad for jennifer hudson right now. poor thing.


is it a blessing or a curse that we've found the best poutine in toronto (veggie gravy!!!) and it's a block from my house?

Oct 26, 2008

There ain't nothin' in this world, girl you can say I didn't give to you.

gucci vintage doctor's bag and classic chanel quilted bag, my two faves. my birthday is coming up. oh and so is christmas.

Oct 25, 2008

rodka vedbull and meli melo

my computer has decided to take a little break from turning on these days, so here are some of jessica's pics from us pre-drinking with michelle's friends the mission district (don't remember that night) and another night at baby hueys, dj-ed by meli melo. (soon to be dj-ing some montreal dates i've heard...)


to sum up our last party at dreamcasa, the cops who showed up about 5 times actually said "so you need a bike, moustache and plaid shirt to get into this party?"

i will never drink rockstar again, it turns me into a party monster and makes sasha not like me :(

Oct 24, 2008

who is kk downey?

some friends of mine made a movie, it'll be at the royal. These are the times:

(Playing as of Saturday)

Sat: 7:00, 9:30
Sun: 4:30, 7:00, 9:30
Mon, Tue: 9:00
Wed, Thu: 7:00

go see it!


neither here nor there, limbo, fork in the road, at a crossroad etc. i need inner peace. and i'm starting to be done with toronto (again).

can't wait for:

GOOD bagels
my sister's closet
$2 noodles
nicer people
the girls
huge apartments that are super cheap, with utilities included
saying dep and people knowing what i mean
people who say excuse me (or excuse moi)
better clothes shopping

will miss:

street (veggie) meat
cheaper vintage shopping
the girls
dong hai
my (dana's) bike
better shoe shopping
the possibility of seeing scott speedman 5 days in a row and him being all "hey! how are you?" to me....aaaaah, best moment of life ever

also, how amazing is this:

catch me on a bad day, or good day and i shed tears.

and this one, jesus:

ball my eyes out everytime.

Oct 20, 2008

craft night

i wanna spend my nights making these hair things this winter, i love head/hair decorations. i've been wearing feathers in my hair for a while now, oh and kristen PA got me into little braids with beads. i'm all about the mermaid look.

i miss you jane

finding a magazine that you get super excited about is really tough. i used to love harper's bazaar but it kinda bores me now...i opted to stop buying it when tyra was on the cover a few months ago. nylon used to be good, boring and super teen-oriented lately i have found. like many, i was and still am super bummed that jane has ceased publication. i even googled jane magazine and a link for janemag.com popped up, i got super excited thinking that maybe they were doing some kinda online thing but instead it just said this:

Dear Jane Reader:

With regret, Jane and janemag.com are no longer being published. In their place, we invite you to explore Glamour magazine and Glamour.com.

We think you’ll love Glamour.com. Like Jane, it’s packed with everything smart, sexy women want to know—about your body, your beauty, your relationships … and more!

Jane Magazine

uuum, no thanks.

i love that they were always pam anderson supporters too, yay peta!

Oct 19, 2008

the fear

i have it. bad. but looking forward to:

receiving this book for my birthday/christmas.

doing this to a room in my next house. i have boxes and boxes of old photos.

sleeping in these lovely sheets one day. pink hearts! so cute! i had a set similar to this when i was little but one side was pink with white hearts and the other side was white with rainbow colored hearts.

Oct 18, 2008

couple of things

i found this necklace on www.karmaloop.com and i want it.

also, i've given in. Zac Efron, you are a babe...there really is no denying it.

oh and dance to this before going out tonight, i love rye rye but cody refuses to play her when he dj's. have you heard the version of paper planes with her on it? so good:

jacob got us all of us into this vice after party in austin for sxsw by giving us used wrist bands, i stuck mine to my wrist with gum. i had met diplo a couple of times so i went to say hey and this guy he was with was trying to sing me a song but i wasn't so into it. turns out it was blaqstarr.

ps. i just quit my job with no real backup plan...oh well, i've always worked better under pressure.