Feb 28, 2009

hubba hubba

Feb 24, 2009

so far pt2

i went shopping and bought lots of things, this skirt wasn't one of those things, i took a picture of it because it made me laugh and because i look like a cupcake

we had an all girl kitchen party

cody, sk and i had a sleepover (that's sk there)

jenn and i tried to do the part in put a ring on it where beyonce and her girls go up on that slanted wall thing

Feb 23, 2009

hi katrina, hi steph

i get super bashful when i find out people read my blog...hi girls

i'm looking to adopt...

look at this lovely lady! those ears are to die for

whatcha think?

Feb 22, 2009

the craft

photo by the ziz

Feb 18, 2009

my blog name comes from the boss song "i'm on fire", i listen to it everyday at least once

here is the music video, so weird/amazing

i discovered that johnny cash does a really good version

here are my new boots

jenn berry reminded me when i was opting to buy beige slouch boots that we had had a conversation about how we thought knee length slouchy-ish boots were on their way out the fashion door...

motorcycle ankle boots! duh! i've thanked her everyday since i got them

Feb 9, 2009

so far.

it snowed

my sister turned 19 and became a russian baby prostitute

pitt shoe store burnt down, i got purple running shoes with little zipper pockets in grade 2 from there

2nd bootyshots was fun, we danced in the bathroom

3rd bootyshots was fun, we danced in the bathroom

sk barfed this night

i tried matzo ball soup

lovely ashlinn had a birthday

Feb 8, 2009

BIG news

rye rye aka my dance idol will be at the next bootyshots, march 7th. the girls killed it last night duh

Feb 5, 2009

Dear Emma,

Feb 4, 2009

this can finally be my theme song

Feb 3, 2009

Feb 1, 2009

lil wayne is all grown up