Jan 29, 2009



l'oreal double extension beauty tubes mascara

receiving packages is always exciting, especially when they are filled with free makeup! the kind people over at matchstick sent me the new double extension beauty tubes mascara by l'oreal to try out and blog about it...

i'll start by saying that when i purchase mascara i usually opt for thickening rather than lengthening as my eyelashes are already really long (thanks mom+dad!) but this one claims to lengthen your lashes by up to 80%. the mascara comes with 2 wands, step one and step two. you start by applying a coat of white mascara to the lashes, it acts as a primer. then you apply the regular black mascara. because it makes your lashes so long you have to kinda maneuver and place your lashes to get them right. definitely a false eyelashes effect (in a good way). taking off the mascara is the best part, due to the priming of the lashes the mascara comes off in pieces, "tubes". i've never used eye makeup remover but this mascara takes away the need for that step. pretty cool. you do have to spend a good minute getting all the chunks off your face though...better than waking up with raccoon eyes!

i guess i would give this mascara an 8.5/10. a nice deep color, long separated lashes, easy removal, i would have liked a bit more thickness though.

Jan 28, 2009

Dear meg mills+cody+jon brown+zy,

RIP kitchen table whiskey nights...



warning to all boys (and girls): i will tear your shirt open if it has snap buttons.

Jan 26, 2009

I’m all outta luck but what else could I be?

the heat is out in my building, the electric heater we have is broken. the second i made coffee it turned into iced coffee.

these pieces from steven allen keep my mind on the positive ie. springtime, having money, bare legs, bike rides, parks and all that amazing spring summer magic.

skins is an amazing UK show that everyone should try and get their hands on. my mom saw the first episode, become completely enamored and ordered season 1 and 2 online. not a reality show, no contestants/competitors, actual actors, and it doesn't take place in a gated community in california/upper east side new york! this is the last scene of the first season.

Jan 23, 2009

things are lookin' up

i found a $5 bill as i was running across a busy street today. for someone (me) who believes in signs this is a big deal.


jenn and zy are huge fans of the rachel zoe project and they have been telling me to watch it for a while now. i have been hesitant because i don't like reality tv and although i used to love r.z. i find her a bit annoying and her teeny size makes me hungry. anyway, long story short, watched it, loved it, obsessed now.

found this ring on karmaloop and waaaant it bad, in her words "i die".

this is song is on my life soundtrack these days.

Jan 22, 2009


Jan 21, 2009


every time my hair gets to that crossover length from long-ish to really, super long i cut it and then regret it. not this time, no siree. this time i'm waiting until it gets really, really long (creepy long, to my waste long) then i'm gonna cut it, drastically. like this:

middle part, cute!

side part, sexy!

i'm thinking after summer...

chanel do's and don'ts


spotted on the jak&jil blog, super amazingness.


this chick ruins everything, officially over the ghetto girl nail thing...thanks a lot.

Jan 19, 2009

Dear solo mobile,

GET IT TOGETHER. although i was pleased to have not received a 438 number (the new montreal area code) i am extremely disappointed that you would assume i don't enjoy receiving text messages. 'cause i do. i am also disappointed that you may have caused me brain damage after keeping me on hold for 2 hours today and 1 hour on friday while i used my friend's cell phones because i don't have a home phone and you make me "trouble shoot" my phone when i know the problem is you, not me. FIX MY PHONE/PAY MY NEXT PHONE BILL/F.U.,


in unrelated news, i start my jewelry class tonight and have back to school jitters!


*cotton headed ninny muggins

Jan 18, 2009

Jan 14, 2009

pancake love

Jan 13, 2009


ahoy by zoeheartsmtl

i long for summer

summer day
summer day by zoe preston

WARNING- do not go on this website unless you want to:
a) waste countless hours of your time
b) daydream about what you would buy if you had tons of cash money
c) torture yourself with exciting summer outfits you won't be able to wear for months

don't say i didn't warn you.

Jan 12, 2009

i love a guy in shoes that aren't running shoes. these images are from the sartorialist.


jenn and i texted throughout the golden globes tonight. here's what we had to say:

me: you watching the GGs? drew barrymore, wtf?? oh and rene zel! omg terrible
jenn: haha OMG. 1) i just said to dust "omigod renee zelwegger is gonna get destroyed tomorrow in the worst dressed lists". 2) drew barrymore looks & is acting like an old drunk cougar. God i love you.
me: debra messing, 'mess'y makeup
jenn:it's like you're a mind reader, i was just thinking the same thing. she just looks overdone in every way. you know who looks stunning (they hardly showed her but her dress is amazing) is mary louise parker. anne hathaway, kinda boring, i expected better
me:kate winslet is good, natch
jenn:sigourney looks like a hot milf
me: oh, my girl beyonce looks pretty good, eva mendes, good necklace etc.
jenn: yeah, B looks hot. demi moore worked it out pretty good too. cameron diaz, thumbs down
me: it's not even her dress, it's her coocoo clown face. Leo is looking gooood, i heart him forever
jenn: i'm not gonna lie, i like rumer willis' dress- her awful red hair is brutal but the gown is gorgeous
me: look at those golden globes!!
jenn:hahaha damn they're juicey
jenn:are you dying??how cut was leo just there? he was crying!! oh god i died
me: i will love him always
me: that trip killed me! pour mickey. marissa tomei in her stupid pirate sleeves, ugh

i made a circle scarf tonight:

Jan 9, 2009

suspicious minds

i turned my brain off yesterday and forget about elvis' birthday so i'm celebrating it today. you handsome devil you...

videos: cute animal edition

SK-proceed with caution, baby dex.

Jan 7, 2009

ah oui!

watch the sofia coppola directed commercial for christian dior's miss dior cherie perfume, so girlie and colorful.

oh joy

i like it when celebrities wear the same thing twice. i also like joy bryant and wish she would be showcased as a fashionista a little more often.


info here.

Jan 5, 2009

it's 9:18pm and i'm already craving my am cappuccino. this beauty is from today:

i think i've mastered the birthday present. ziz, come over before work!

stayed in tonight with my boyfriend:

grazie mille

valentino spring collection.

grocery shopping, taking the metro, picking up dog poo, riding a bike would be done so much more elegantly if i was wearing these.


celebrity websites, such as people.com, as well as most celebrities are really the worst. take a look at these duds.

Jan 1, 2009


best/cheapest/fastest/latest montreal delivery:

you've been missed


the past day and a half has been crazy. got up at 5:30am (hit snooze for 45 minutes) to finish packing and cleaning the toronto apartment, left at 7:30am, got to montreal at 2pm to find a pile of toronto people at the new house (they had stayed over the night before, zy and gordie's can't really accommodate 10) which was amazing because they all helped unload the truck. then unpacked the kitchen while cody set up my crappy ikea bed with no instruction manual, all i could hear was the occasional "FUUUCK" but he got it eventually, it goes a bit sideways now but hey. tried to nap after unpacking everything except my clothes then cody got bored so he played kings of leon too loud and got me up from my mini nap. we were starving and everything was closed so i boiled water to make a quick pasta, we then realized we didn't have a can opener so cody went to g+z's and came back with a load of people and suddenly...we were having a NYE party and doing the countdown. FUN! i was so happy to not go out and it was nice for everyone to see the place. my sister and her crew even showed up, that was cool. i always wanna snatch the drink out of her hand and be all older sisterly but then i realize she's 18. (NYE party pics soon to come)

brenna got us this salt and pepper shaker as a house warming gift! they sit in a little nest! cutest addition, thank you xo

*take notice of my pinky ring, it's a gold bow! thanks cody

this is the main area of the house. not quite set up yet but getting there. unfortunately the people who painted the place before us had THE WORST TASTE EVER and painted the entire house atrocious colors and the ENTIRE APARTMENT needs to be repainted.

we may have to stop buying/wearing the same things all the time now that we live a block away from each other. things could get weird!

sitting on the couch relaxing now, my brain has been sooooo stressed that not having something super pressing to do feels odd.

to be honest, i'm happy to put toronto behind me.