Jan 1, 2009


the past day and a half has been crazy. got up at 5:30am (hit snooze for 45 minutes) to finish packing and cleaning the toronto apartment, left at 7:30am, got to montreal at 2pm to find a pile of toronto people at the new house (they had stayed over the night before, zy and gordie's can't really accommodate 10) which was amazing because they all helped unload the truck. then unpacked the kitchen while cody set up my crappy ikea bed with no instruction manual, all i could hear was the occasional "FUUUCK" but he got it eventually, it goes a bit sideways now but hey. tried to nap after unpacking everything except my clothes then cody got bored so he played kings of leon too loud and got me up from my mini nap. we were starving and everything was closed so i boiled water to make a quick pasta, we then realized we didn't have a can opener so cody went to g+z's and came back with a load of people and suddenly...we were having a NYE party and doing the countdown. FUN! i was so happy to not go out and it was nice for everyone to see the place. my sister and her crew even showed up, that was cool. i always wanna snatch the drink out of her hand and be all older sisterly but then i realize she's 18. (NYE party pics soon to come)

brenna got us this salt and pepper shaker as a house warming gift! they sit in a little nest! cutest addition, thank you xo

*take notice of my pinky ring, it's a gold bow! thanks cody

this is the main area of the house. not quite set up yet but getting there. unfortunately the people who painted the place before us had THE WORST TASTE EVER and painted the entire house atrocious colors and the ENTIRE APARTMENT needs to be repainted.

we may have to stop buying/wearing the same things all the time now that we live a block away from each other. things could get weird!

sitting on the couch relaxing now, my brain has been sooooo stressed that not having something super pressing to do feels odd.

to be honest, i'm happy to put toronto behind me.


zyanna said...

we are screwed clothing wise. happy u are my neighbor again. xox
btw we ordered from altos 2x today

Shleeshana said...

well, Toronto is happy that youre gone!!

NOT :( :( :(

bren said...

glad you liked the birdies :)