Dec 26, 2008

from one pair of sweet tits to another...

*it says sweet tits

thanks little sis

oh and my mom MADE me this ring at the art school where she took a jewelry course this past fall. i am now enrolled for the winter silversmith course. its my birth stone!

holy boxing day madness

just got a purse, cardigan, nice top, tank top which could double as a dress and cute gloves to match my new b-day scarf for 50 bucks at urban outfitters. i feel like a sucker 'cause i hate boxing day and always try to avoid it. maybe it's because i always buy stuff i don't need but feel like i'm missing out on good deals if i don't buy anything, ugh. sucker.

Dec 23, 2008

really liking...

...houses that have pink accents and look like dollhouses. sorry dude that i'm moving in with...

these are a little more boy/girl realistic. i want to frame everything.

i blame...

these. so i caught my first 20 minutes of gossip girl and some of the hills after show last night, i don't need to question why girls my age act like high school students anymore.

ps. justin bobby is a babe


Dec 22, 2008

etsy goodness

buy here.


don't call me grumpy the second i wake up k?

Dec 21, 2008


salt spring island


grandma's house

happy birthday to me!

thanks mom+dad+emma+angus+ollie+betty

now the house will have a bed, lamp (courtesy of les girls, thanks! xoxo), trunk and espresso machine. dats it.

do this to your photos here.

Dec 18, 2008

here it comes

pretty hungover today in honor of conor's birthday at tokyo. it was good to see some serious blasts from the past as well as party with my best montreal friends. we got a tree today from jean talon market from the same family we've been getting our trees from for years, i wish i could bottle the scent in my living room right now, holiday spice tea, tangerines and christmas tree...delish.

birthdays are nice because even if you are thinking of not making a big deal out of it, the special people in your life make sure a big deal is made, you know?

i've gained so much wisdom in my 25 years...

Dec 17, 2008

Dec 16, 2008

the way we were

miss you ladies!



...can't people just give it a rest and move on already?

Dec 15, 2008


so apparently richmond, a suburb of vancouver, is a secret hideout for the best vintage shops i've pretty much ever experienced. it's also apparently where owl trinkets come to die.

skinny leather tie? check. old man suspenders? check. velvet christmas hair bow? check.

that middle one is a little basket!


to do list, pre-2009

-find a house. 2 bedroom, between pine ave., park ave., bernard and st.denis.
-find birthday party dress. strapless, sparkly, sexy, not (too) slutty.
-figure out birthday plans. no idea.
-buy presents for remaining people i buy presents for.
-make cookies

like those with emma, fight the whole time then eat them all.
-G1. (ya ya, i know)
-pack. pack. pack.
-peace out.
-peace out toronto party before peacing out. (i hate goodbyes though, so maybe i'll just slip out with no one noticing)

Dec 12, 2008

quarter century

i turn 25 in one week.

Dec 11, 2008


i went to the vancouver aquarium. it kinda goes against everything i believe in (captive animals, tiny "cages", etc.) it was a force stronger than i was. please don't watch the videos unless you are really into cute animals in action, i didn't realize i was squealing with excitement until i watched them after i got home.