Dec 2, 2008


so i am actively looking for apartments in montreal as of about 3 days ago. i've never done this before and am confused about craigslist etiquette. can you bargain with landlords? or does it not work that way? hmmm. we found a pretty sweet place in the plateau about 3 minutes from gordie and zy as well as tanya and katye, 9 minutes from berrylicious and dirteh, 11 minutes from meals and shawn, 8 minutes from fiona and panties and 10 minutes from my parents, haha. i've never not lived with my parents when i've lived in montreal so bumping into them at, say, provigo will be pretty funny...heck maybe they'll even drive me home with my groceries! one weird thing about the place is that the washer and dryer are in the kitchen. is that terrible? probably.

i am super excited to be able to hang with my home girls on the regular and go to my family house for dinner when i'm broke. there would be something really sweet about living right next to the park i learned to ride a bike in also. i'm excited for home.

check out my sister's modeling debut for brixton,

i wish gordie would one day take formal pictures of me to make up for the insane amount of candid semi-naked/wasted pictures he has of me.

*dear mom, i hope you didn't read that last sentence.

see you there everyone! should be a good night.

i should stop listening to this song on repeat but i don't want to.

HAPPY DECEMBER! any month is better than november.



Anonymous said...

BAHHH!!!! so exciting. washer and dryer in the kitchen, not unheard of and not so bad i think. better than no washer/dryer i reckon!

where is this place?? send me the craigslist link. I LOVE YOU!!

Jenny B

guttafool said...

Where is new place?
Close to me!?

zp said...

it fell through :(

but i won't live anywhere but the plateau or mile end and it's driving cody crazy so ya, close to you!

Anonymous said...

you guys should move to oakville.