Dec 3, 2008

oh crap

funny kid moment of the week:
after spending the night in hamilton saturday, i got to explore more of ontario by visiting burlington the next night, finally meeting alison's cute kids. ava was playing her little girl nintendo(?) when suddenly she muttered "oh crap", it was pretty cute coming out of a teeny, tiny little blonde angel. i had to hold in my laughter as alison and justin where like "uuum, what did you just say?"

i am not one for perusing random celeb websites unless they're fashion sites but i saw these:

and they made me laugh. kinda makes sense. (twilight's bella swan, aka kristen stewart)

still no apartment hunting luck. it's pretty hard when you're 6 hours away from the destination city. i'm leaving it to fate and in the meantime having lots of fun deciding how to decorate. i actually feel like i've been waiting my whole life to do so. i bought domino today for inspiration and have been reading tons of blogs for ideas. anyone know any amazing decorating/design/inspiration blogs?

my bed from montreal is a vintage wrought iron "princess" bed. i found this picture and thought i could de-"princess" it by painting it red kinda like this guy, so vibrant!

i also want to be as environmentally friendly as possible when decorating so one of my winter crafts is going to be garnishing things with scraps found in nature, like this guy:

speaking of blogs...i've found myself reading blogs on my close friends blog rolls and have sometimes been tempted to comment on them when i read something i like/agree with. would that be weird? hmmm...

a pic from last weekends bootyshots night at coda club. i can't wait for a possible colab between bootyshots and shhh...don't tell your mother in the new year. (i'm a quasi honorary and soon-to-be full member of SDTYM, a fun party night started by my best girls)

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