Dec 18, 2008

here it comes

pretty hungover today in honor of conor's birthday at tokyo. it was good to see some serious blasts from the past as well as party with my best montreal friends. we got a tree today from jean talon market from the same family we've been getting our trees from for years, i wish i could bottle the scent in my living room right now, holiday spice tea, tangerines and christmas tree...delish.

birthdays are nice because even if you are thinking of not making a big deal out of it, the special people in your life make sure a big deal is made, you know?

i've gained so much wisdom in my 25 years...


Shleeshana said...

i love you happy almost birthday!!

ep said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE! you're officially old. but don't worry, i still love you.
your little sister