Jan 29, 2009

l'oreal double extension beauty tubes mascara

receiving packages is always exciting, especially when they are filled with free makeup! the kind people over at matchstick sent me the new double extension beauty tubes mascara by l'oreal to try out and blog about it...

i'll start by saying that when i purchase mascara i usually opt for thickening rather than lengthening as my eyelashes are already really long (thanks mom+dad!) but this one claims to lengthen your lashes by up to 80%. the mascara comes with 2 wands, step one and step two. you start by applying a coat of white mascara to the lashes, it acts as a primer. then you apply the regular black mascara. because it makes your lashes so long you have to kinda maneuver and place your lashes to get them right. definitely a false eyelashes effect (in a good way). taking off the mascara is the best part, due to the priming of the lashes the mascara comes off in pieces, "tubes". i've never used eye makeup remover but this mascara takes away the need for that step. pretty cool. you do have to spend a good minute getting all the chunks off your face though...better than waking up with raccoon eyes!

i guess i would give this mascara an 8.5/10. a nice deep color, long separated lashes, easy removal, i would have liked a bit more thickness though.

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