Jan 5, 2009

it's 9:18pm and i'm already craving my am cappuccino. this beauty is from today:

i think i've mastered the birthday present. ziz, come over before work!

stayed in tonight with my boyfriend:


zyanna said...

I will! cody looks different. call you in the am

codyjamesfinney said...

Have I been working out?

I look goooood.

Oh, wait.....

sad face.

Anonymous said...

codes, man you look really different with your shirt off.

i still cant belive i ate all those noodles in 2 minutes.

AshCass said...

Hi, this is about the coffee not the babe in the photos. Sometimes I give into my late-night cafe cravings because I can, right- working at night at all- WRONG!! New day jobs and late-night cafes are badbadbad. So you know what I do? I drink a decaf capuccino and hope for the best.