Oct 18, 2008

couple of things

i found this necklace on www.karmaloop.com and i want it.

also, i've given in. Zac Efron, you are a babe...there really is no denying it.

oh and dance to this before going out tonight, i love rye rye but cody refuses to play her when he dj's. have you heard the version of paper planes with her on it? so good:

jacob got us all of us into this vice after party in austin for sxsw by giving us used wrist bands, i stuck mine to my wrist with gum. i had met diplo a couple of times so i went to say hey and this guy he was with was trying to sing me a song but i wasn't so into it. turns out it was blaqstarr.

ps. i just quit my job with no real backup plan...oh well, i've always worked better under pressure.


magda o said...

i fucking knew you were gonna...

did you tell that to f* in the hallway.. cos i thought i heard something.

even tho we never talked much, it's nice having you around.
so *single tear

zp said...

sneaky sneaky! ya it happened then. single tear...