Oct 17, 2008

you can file this one under "S" for "Shopping fever"

jessica and i biked to holt's yesterday, she only has a few days left before her retail career is over, so we were feverishly looking for things to buy with her 50% off discount. i ended up with J brand, pencil fit jeans in dark denim. 100 buckaroos for them, which to me is peanuts for a good pair of jeans. the sad part is i bought the same ones 2 years ago...2 sizes smaller. what can i say? baby got back.

as some of you may have heard, topshop has pushed their u.s. opening to spring 2009. they were originally scheduled to open this fall. whats better than fall shopping though? spring shopping!

i can't wait to go to new york and add topshop to my shopping destination list...look at these cuties!

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Shleeshana said...

omg roadtrip!!

ps. let's get our driver's license next week..