Oct 3, 2008

“People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.” -anton chekhov

for some reason, i don't have the complete dread that usually comes with the cold weather. to be honest, i'm a bit relieved that summer is over, mostly because it exhausts me. i feel complete guilt if i just wanna stay in when it's beautiful outside, if i wanna watch oprah rather than go to the pool etc. i'm actually looking forward to the colder months...

Halloween '06. The year the girls and i were all going to dress as miami seniors...i was the only one that actually went through with it.

i love, love, love new york at christmas time. i think i will be making a trip in early december.

i want to go to miami after new york, i am an expedia wiz. i found a $400 multi destination ticket.

i want these, they will make getting up/going to work/working for half hour while it is still dark out less terrible.

i love my birthday. everyone is so merry as it is 6 days before christmas.

angus as a reindeer!! whenever i go home i always dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to total and absolute, one on one cuddle time with my main man. and i love any excuse to dress him up. yay christmas.

i love eggnog.

mcgill college christmas tree. i know christmas is coming when they set this up. i think my first real date took place here, with hot chocolate from second cup. 14 years old, puppy love.

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