Oct 20, 2008

i miss you jane

finding a magazine that you get super excited about is really tough. i used to love harper's bazaar but it kinda bores me now...i opted to stop buying it when tyra was on the cover a few months ago. nylon used to be good, boring and super teen-oriented lately i have found. like many, i was and still am super bummed that jane has ceased publication. i even googled jane magazine and a link for janemag.com popped up, i got super excited thinking that maybe they were doing some kinda online thing but instead it just said this:

Dear Jane Reader:

With regret, Jane and janemag.com are no longer being published. In their place, we invite you to explore Glamour magazine and Glamour.com.

We think you’ll love Glamour.com. Like Jane, it’s packed with everything smart, sexy women want to know—about your body, your beauty, your relationships … and more!

Jane Magazine

uuum, no thanks.

i love that they were always pam anderson supporters too, yay peta!


Ashlinn said...

This post brought actual real tears to my eyes and made my body feel all tingly.

The good ones always leave us- Sassy and Jane, perhaps the names of my future twin daughters.

zp said...


just start a blog already. i know you wanna