Oct 24, 2008


neither here nor there, limbo, fork in the road, at a crossroad etc. i need inner peace. and i'm starting to be done with toronto (again).

can't wait for:

GOOD bagels
my sister's closet
$2 noodles
nicer people
the girls
huge apartments that are super cheap, with utilities included
saying dep and people knowing what i mean
people who say excuse me (or excuse moi)
better clothes shopping

will miss:

street (veggie) meat
cheaper vintage shopping
the girls
dong hai
my (dana's) bike
better shoe shopping
the possibility of seeing scott speedman 5 days in a row and him being all "hey! how are you?" to me....aaaaah, best moment of life ever

also, how amazing is this:

catch me on a bad day, or good day and i shed tears.

and this one, jesus:

ball my eyes out everytime.

1 comment:

zyanna said...

salut hi! k so many things to comment about.
i cant wait for you to move home, serieuse la. but i know leaving might be a wee bit sad. the discovery commercial is my fav right now too! like when they have steven hawkings robotically say um diadah. yes.
and you know i love the lion vid. tears so many tears.
muah xo