Nov 19, 2008

today, part 2

the day started off well enough; morning (1pm) run then a cappuccino. i look the part because, as embarrassing as this is to admit, i used to work at lululemon. i can run for about 15 minutes before i feel like i may die. when people see me panting and walking super slowly they must think i've just run for 10k and now i'm taking a little break.

i then put laundry away, watched oprah, and made a super cool necklace. but lungs feel like they're full of garbage and i have a headache and sore throat and feel super hot/dizzy. cody got me one of these delish melon flavoured asian popsicles though

which has helped. at least i'm sick now and not friday...

i could not be more excited. i'm keeping book 4, breaking dawn for later. i needed a bit of a break from the whole teenage passion love story vampire thing. shit started getting weird.


zyanna said...

i love those popsicles! the only place in mtl that ive seen them i a tiny dep in westmount near the claremont. * pout

zp said...

hmmm, there's a place across the street from lasalle college that sells 'em!