Nov 18, 2008


sunday brunch took place at dakota tavern with alexis, sasha fierce, michelle, and erica amongst others. this was no ordinary brunch however...there is a blueglass band playing so you kinda gotta yell to be heard, the breakfast consists of unlimited coffee, glass of OJ, fruit salad, unlimited scrambled eggs, pancakes, home fries and sausage(skipped those)! all for $12!! the food comes on large platters and you share it with your brunch mates. very fun. it also made me want to once and for all learn how to play the guitar, my dad strung mine so that its left handed. the girl singing in the brunch band brought her dad up for a song and it made me want to cry.

i also got this:

at badlands, my fave toronto vintage shop. we went there hoping for a glimpse of lil wayne, one of the kittens we had this summer that mich gave to the owner of the shop.

yesterday i brought my comp in to the apple store in yorkdale mall, alexis came along. crate and barrel did not disappoint, and now i can cross a couple of people off my christmas shopping list! we also loaded up on free samples of apple cider from williams-sanoma. today when i had to go back to the mall to pick up the comp i opted to purchase apple cider 'cause i couldn't get the delicious taste outta my head. but i went for the cheaper, just as good version from second cup.

mmm, delish. now we can keep warm and watch the grinch and elf (bought 'em yesterday, watched 'em yesterday) over and over till christmas.

also, i have to stop watching dexter right before bed.

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