Nov 10, 2008


another fun weekend comes to an end. cody/jon brown/jessica's bithday at 751 was amazing and everyone was in really good spirits, i'm happy to have the friends i have and happy to have met the people i have met during my time in toronto (for a while i wasn't so sure). gordie and zy headed out around 2 today. made some spaghetti (called grandpa's favorite in my house) with my one pot.

watching oprah, nicole kidman is wearing too much makeup but that picture of her and her baby is beautiful. still no facebook, but people keep texting/emailing me asking if i'm okay, dead, crazy, etc. yes, i'm okay. yes, i still hate facebook. yes, i will reactivate one day. gordie has a theory that it is used to make you feel shitty, see things you don't wanna see, and make you live your life via the computer. he also told me life was better without it. he is right.

i'm feeling okay...for now.

this is one of my mom's obama water colors.

also, my computer is working, but sudden movements, this baby is muy muy sensitivo.

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