Nov 4, 2008

fuck you...


and my mom signs her emails "gobama"

let's hope!

and one more thing...there are people doing work on the second floor right above my head right now. they found in the floor boards, a box containing:

-2 cell phones
-a piece of cloth
-a tooth(!!!!!!!!!!)
-2 postcards

how weird is that?


emma said...

I give you a week.

zp said...


like a month

emmer said...

here. liz just showed me this. (she wanted to show you but since you deleted your account....)

Twilight Coming to Much
Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Twilight is coming to Much! Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Rachelle Lefevre will be here for a special Twilight: Live@Much with Sarah Taylor on Saturday, November 15th. If you want to be in the audience come down to MuchMusic on November 11. We'll be giving away wristbands at 5PM and the first 200 people in line will also get a pass to a private screening. You could see what promises to be a bloody good film before it even hits theatres!

zp said...

duh (i'm going)

thanks for thinking of your little sister!

Anonymous said...

did they find that box at the hotel, or at your place?


zp said...