Nov 11, 2008

too soon?

i say no...and we still need a tree and menorah, i never realized how hard it was to find non-jesus-y, non-santa claus-y decorations for the holidays...i guess 'cause i never looked before.

this is good shit. (pay no attention to the video of a video)

thought of the day:

is it weird that i'm completely content staying home drinking this:

rather than be out, drinking this?

hmmmmm...i guess having $30 till friday may have something to do with it. thank god my cable is back. oh, 4-0 habs, schweeeeeet.


zyanna said...

i have a menorah that you can borrow/ have this year.i
just in case you care i got it at dawson outside jew caf from the rabbi's in the motor home.

guttafool said...

your past 2 blogs have been about nails and christmas.
is it possible we have more in common then I thought?