Mar 19, 2009

best gmail chat convo ever pt. 2

Jennifer: (i looked really hot last night, btw)
me: yes you did
Jennifer: ha
me: smokin

those titties

Jennifer: that is actually really funny
4:17 PM
i meant to write "u" but i did a typo
me: hahahahahahahahaha
Jennifer: im embarassed!!!!

i would never just write that!

me: but you did look hot!
Jennifer: i feel silly
me: hahahahahaha
Jennifer: well...
me: oooooh babe
Jennifer: i just didnt mean to wrtie that
me: well you did
and thank you
i'm loling
Jennifer: i wanted to give YOU a complement but i gave one to myself instead


me too
me: hahahaha
Jennifer: LOLOLOOL
me: hohohohohohohoh
4:18 PM
Jennifer: (u looked really hot last night, btw)

try that one again
me: (thanks babe)
(u too)
Jennifer: ok
me: ok
Jennifer: now im frazzled
me: peace out
Jennifer: good bye
me: call me lates
Jennifer: salut
me: xoxoxo
Jennifer: byebte


have fun at rentals
4:19 PM
<3 u
me: <3 4eva
Jennifer: I <3 I 4eva

i mean u


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Anonymous said...

Cody: sup

Gordie: sup

what you doing?

Cody: farting

Gordie: Same

Cody: still in bed

Gordie: Same