May 26, 2009

help my naturally athletic friends raise money to stop leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives! Here are the links to donate:

Fiona's page

Louis' page

Official facebook page

you'll be helping a good cause and you get to laugh at tidbits like this:

"They are lucky because to show our appreciation Louis will give each of them a three minute bear hug. To enjoy it to the fullest I suggest not speaking and putting your head on his shoulder."

this was fiona explaining what louis will do to the first few people that donated ca$h to the cause.

here is a schedule of how they will show they're gratitude in the coming months:

June: Louis and Fiona will high-five you and scream ''yeah buddy!'' every time they run into you.

July: Drop in on Louis anytime during this month to sit on his lap and chat about what's new with you over your favourite cup of tea.

August: Louis will give you a BFF broken heart pendant and wear the other half.

sounds good.


jenn said...

i love this!!!!

they make me lololol


Fiona said...

I know! I am sooo funny! Give me your money!

Fiona said...

Thanks for the shout out ZP.

Je t'aime!